Tieira Ryder



I’m originally from Columbus, Ohio currently living in Los Angeles, CA. I’m a Performing Artist, Creative Artist, and Writer passionate about the work that I do and looking forward to sharing it with the world. At 19, I left Ohio to live in New York and it was truly a life changing experience for me. I almost didn’t get a chance to be who I am today but an Angel that was sent to me on that journey made sure I made it to the point I’m at now. I read the book Holes in High School and I never will forget how the boy in that story climbed up a mountain with someone on his back. Climbing up a mountain with someone on my back has been my life story, it has made me stronger and its an experience I would never take back. From the time I was born my wonderful Mother always thought I was different, and she was right, I’ve been given a gift to share with the world!


 The Diary of Tieira Ryder


My inspiration board! Its OK to remind yourself what it is that you are trying to do career wise!

Inspiration board!


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